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Eco Fair

FIERCEly Go Green On October 8th, 2011 FIERCE will be holding a green fair at the Fremont hub from 9am-5pm. FIERCE (FremontIans Enabling Real Change in the Environment) is a group of high schools that promotes going green. Club member Kelsey Wong states “FIERCE is responsible for planning green activities […]


The Future of Textbooks is… Printouts?!

Budget Cuts are Increasingly Becoming a Problem The classrooms at Irvington High School are facing major challenges at budget cuts continue to affect the way teachers present their lessons. Teachers everywhere are resorting to other methods of providing education to their students as the money provided for needed material proves […]


The Lowdown on Grad Night

Grad Night is still 8 months away, but the planning committee already has it all figured out. With the superb planning and effort being put into planning, the graduating class of 2012 will surely have a blast on the night of their graduation. Mrs. Suzuki, who is in charge of […]


Fall Television Premieres

With the change of seasons comes plenty of new seasons What’s on the television? Well here’s a glimpse at a few shows that have premiered their new seasons recently: New Girl: New Girl premiered its first season ever on September 20th. New Girl is a sitcom featuring an attractive young […]


Hallway Traffic Rules

Hallway Traffic Rules

How to get to class without burning down the school Passing Period is essentially an arduous quest through a maze filled with a plethora of students who mindlessly drag themselves to class. it’s no surprise that most of us end up bitter and frustrated after wading through a mob of […]


Bomb Shelter or Clifford’s Doghouse?

New Shed Houses Old Technology Just days before Maze Day, loud hammering noises could be heard in front of Room 72, where several students gathered together to build a technology shed. This tiny house, which was directed by Kevin Chan, IHS Alumni, as his Boy Scout Eagle project, will not […]


Get Your Priorities Straight!

Money for new roads, but not for textbooks. Every morning on my way to school I pass new roads, residential and business, cordoned off for reconstruction. The sight of it is disgusting; the city is creating new roads while our school barely has money for textbooks! We may have to […]


Do Ask and Do Tell

President Obama has finally fulfilled his promise to repeal the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy.  Tuesday, September 20th, 2011 the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy implemented in the vanished from the lives of Americans. This repeal has led our nation into a new, more progressive form of living. With the […]


Dust is as Deadly as Fire

Dust Triggers A Fire Alarm On September 21, 2011, in a fire alarm went off during 3rd period. Many people were wondering what the cause was and whether there was actually a fire at school. After the fire truck came into the horseshoe near Valhalla, it seemed as if there […]


Fantasy Football: More Strategy than You’d Think

Online football game takes analytical and tactical skills to Fantasy football is an up and coming online game that has attracted football fans around the nation. At a basic level, fantasy football is very simple. First, you join an online league with your friends and have a draft. In this […]

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