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“Freak Incident” on Mission Peak

Freshman on Health field trip get ambushed by wasps. On October 18, Irvington’s Health department hosted a field trip to Mission Peak. They hoped would be a healthy, fun activity for the freshman, but it did not end up that way. During the hike from the Ohlone trail, an unnamed […]


Music Review: Mylo Xyloto

 Coldplay Retains Smooth Vocals and Acoustic Sound With a Twist When asked about the meaning of the phrase, “Mylo Xyloto”, Coldplay leader Chris Martin attributed the odd name to the “randomness of the universe.” Certainly, this album lives up to its “meaning”, consisting of fourteen songs with seemingly unrelated lyrics […]


Confidential: ASB Case File

Confidential: ASB Case File

ASB–from a pessimistic’s point of view Date: Saturday 8 October 2011 Time: 1307 hours Location: SU Agent: S. Chan           ASB is always shot down for making bad choices, holding poor dances, and being a useless class. I’ve been assigned to report what really goes on in […]

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