The Lion is King

Sophomores have smooth skit but technical difficulties

On October 6th, the sophomores performed their skit and dance centered around the theme of Lion King. The skit had Mission San Jose High School representing Scar and the evil hyenas, while Irvington High School represented the protagonists. The skit started when Mufasa, Simba’s father played by sophomore Kevin Kim, gets run over by the hyenas. Simba, played by sophomore Jake Oregon, later challenges the hyenas (Mission) to a football game and scores a touchdown to regain the throne. The celebration that ensues leads them into the sophomore dance.

While the benchbuilding and skit were quite successful, the sophomore dance was interrupted by technical glitches with the music. The music, including songs like Hakuna Matata and, kept on skipping, making the dancers constantly lose their places and made the whole dance look uncoordinated in general. Even though the dance was very well rehearsed and the sophomore dancers were ready to give it their all, problems with their music made them not able to perform to their full potential.

Because of the problems with the music affecting the quality of their performance, the sophomores decided to try and redo the dance again outside to show the audience how it was without technical glitches in their music. Unfortunately, only about fifteen sophomore dancers were able to be rallied and perform the dance.

Many sophomore dancers were discouraged by the music problems ruining the fluidity and pace of their performance, and many believe the performance would have gone much smoother and very well without the glitches.