Fremont’s Finest at Their Best

The dedicated cops of Fremont don’t allow a minor shooting to deter them from the real crime.

Today more than ever, we need our cops vigilantly parked out on every corner every high school in Fremont. You must be living in a cave if you have not noticed that the crime rates within Fremont High School have soared over the past few months. The FUSD officials are calling it the biggest crime epidemic Fremont’s high schools have seen over the past 50 years. Vicious felonies such as J-walking and mistimed street crossings and continuously going unpunished, but the Fremont Police Department is working hard to quell this growing problem. Every street corner is adorned with a police vehicle closely watching the situation at hand, ready to give out tickets to any conniving street crosser that may pass. “J-walking is horrendous crime,” says Officer Benson. “It’s my job to make the streets safe for these students here at Irvington.” Currently over 400 Irvington students have been ticketed for breaking the appropriate conduct of street crossing.
However, the big story is about how traffic police competently handled the “Bronco Billy’s incident.” On September 18, two vigilant police officers were at the intersection of Blacow and Grimmer, doing a thorough job of ticketing J-walkers and other traffic law felons. In the middle of executing their fine work, shots rang out at the local pizza parlor, Bronco Billy’s. Two armed teenagers, curiously wearing socks over their faces, created a diversion and robbed the Bronco Billy’s cash register, injuring two civilians in the process. However, this did not deter the officers. They made sure not to let the criminal J-walkers get away with their crime due to a minor incursion.
The two assailants then ran from Bronco Billy’s and proceeded to commit their most atrocious crime yet; they darted across the street, outside of the crosswalk, when the street lights had yet to indicate that it was their turn to cross. The officers made their way to the assailants and tackled them to the ground with full force. Spectators called it an “act of great bravery.” The two teens were arrested and charged on two counts of J-walking. “It was so scary,” recalls Junior Ankita Roy, “it’s so hard to believe that we were going to school with so many J-walkers. You think you know a person and then something like this happens…”
The assailants were charged with a hefty fine of $600, which seemed to satisfy concerned citizens and school officials. And Irvington representative released a statement later that week, which read: “Out school does not condone J-walking. And on behalf of Irvington staff, students, and teachers, we’d like to thank Fremont’s traffic cops for all their hard work. Keep up the good work!”