T-e-s-l-a: Tesla’s Especially Sexy Little Automobile

Battery powered sports car shocks the world

Being “green” has become such a large part of our American culture that even car companies are joining in on the trend.  Previous hybrid cars were clunky and generally unattractive, but American car company, Tesla, had recently released its much anticipated “Roadster.”
Tesla’s goal for this project is to produce a car that is not only extremely economical but also extremely sexy.  The car boasts a whopping acceleration from 0 to 60 miles per hour in a mere four seconds, with a 248 BHP.  What is even more impressive is that the car only weighs about 2,600 pounds, making it easy to maneuver.  If those specifications did not make your jaw drop, this will: the Tesla runs entirely on electric power.  Charging the car is simple: plug the car into any 120-volt outlet (just like you would to your cell phone), and let it suck in power for about a night.  One full night of charging is equivalent to one full tank, pushing out a little more than 240 miles per charge in normal city conditions.
The Tesla Roadster is great for normal people and motor-sports enthusiasts alike because of its sports car design and economical performance.  If the thousands of dollars you save from gasoline are not enough to satisfy you, the battery engine requires almost no maintenance, saving you even more money in the long run.  The price tag on this automotive piece of art is approximately $100,000.  But the cost will not be the only thing holding you back from buying a Tesla; the Roadster is currently in production after being released in 2009.  If you do happen to have $120,000 lying around your house, you are in luck!  Tesla also dropped their new Roadster Sport in July of the same year, costing about $20,000 more than the original for enhanced engine and performance parts.  The odds of finding a Roadster at this time are so slim that you might as well invest all your money in the lottery. You have a better chance at winning a million dollars than finding one of these beauties.