Oh Where, Oh Where Have Our Coaches Gone? Oh, Where Oh Where Will the Team Be?

The answer to this annoying song revealed

If starting a new school year isn’t difficult enough, having to conform to the new techniques and practices of a new coach doesn’t make it any easier. Where have all our coaches gone? It seems that every year there is a new tennis coach or a new gymnastics coach leading the way. This year, cross country, girls’ tennis and gymnastics all have new coaches this season. It’s like the occupation as coach here at Irvington is demented. It reminds me of Harry Potter. Just like their defense against the Dark Arts teachers, no one seems to last more than a year. Hopefully nothing bad happened to them, but if it wasn’t for the fact that they’re werewolves or old grumpy toad-looking dictators, what could be the reason for their disappearance?  And how are the teams going to do it without them?

According to our game statistics, the teams that received new coaches have been making wins and representing the school as one of the best in the district. Girls’ tennis received third place in MVALs last year, and cross country rocked last season as well, with varsity girls winning MVALs. The gymnastics team is known for holding the title as All Around MVAL title for seven years in a row. Looking at their outcomes, it can’t be a bad season that has the coaches moving out.

Some players have stated that there was some drama occurring during the last season. “Well, last year there was a lot of tension and complaining that the practices weren’t being run very smoothly and organized,” girls’ tennis player, Senior Ilyssa Padrid said.  Though, despite their loss, the tennis team’s new coach is really stepping up their game. Ilyssa says, “The conditioning is a lot tougher and more hard-core this year. Coach Dan is always on our backs about consistency.” She believes that this will bring the team to a better season.

Personal reasons have kept the former cross country and gymnastics coaches away from leading the team this year. The former gymnastics coach, Laurie Skelton, has been coaching for over thirty years, and was an elite gymnast herself. Unfortunately she couldn’t coach this season due to a recent shoulder surgery, but there is a possibility she’ll be coming once a week or so to help out. Though, the team members are not too worried.

“I think we have really strong potential,” says senior Priyanka Shah. “The New Comers of the team have learned so many skills in such a short period of time that they have the potential and probably will be competing as varsity.” Priyanka is very confident in her team’s skills, and though she misses her old coach, she doesn’t see it stopping the team from a successful season.

The former cross country coach, Skye Kovach, had to say goodbye to coaching this year. Coach Skye is said to be attending law school this year and unable to coach the cross country team this year. Fortunately, last year’s assistant coach, David Thompson, has decided to step up and become head coach.

“Our new coach drills us a lot more than last year. This will help us during our races,” says sophomore Andrew Yu. The team isn’t too worried about their performance this year. Though their former coach is gone, they still expect to run the best they can.

Every team seems to still be in good shape. I have high hopes for you guys. Good luck to the teams, and good luck to the new coaches as well. I feel a good fall season coming our way.