Something Old, Something New, Something Blue

New lockers make their appearance at Irvington

School kicked off with a number of changes on campus. The giant wooden blockade near the library has been cleared away now that the fire damaged areas have been repaired and several new lockers have been added in the 200 wing as well as freshman hallway. The new lockers were installed over the summer in order to have enough lockers for the incoming students.

Last year the Irvington PTSA started a fundraiser for the new lockers. A majority of the lockers at IHS are around fifty years old if not older and in considerably bad condition. Since Irvington also doesn’t have enough lockers for each individual student the PSTA went into action to fundraise for adequate lockers for the new school year.

Replacing all 2000 lockers at school would cost around $100,000 plus installation. The PTSA fundraised $17,000 and was able to purchase around 300 slightly used lockers. The remaining money will be used for refurbishing old lockers that are falling apart.

The entire project began in late 2008 a few months after the fire at Irvington broke out and ended in August 2009. The new lockers have greatly benefited IHS in that a majority of students no longer have to share lockers, which make access to books and binders much easier. Thanks to the efforts of the PTSA, IHS now has enough lockers for everybody to enjoy.