Drug-Free Door Decorating Contest

ASB hosts annual red ribbon week door decorating contest

It all went down on Friday, October 23, 2009 to see which advisory class was all about “drug free.”  Participation and competition were fierce this year, but Mr. Ryan Willer’s advisory class took the win and proved that they knew the meaning of “drug free.”  They expressed their drug-free message through a powerpoint, which they had placed for viewing outside the door. However, this year Gina Holmberg, Lorraine Riggio-Schwartz and Christy Hallford’s classes all came close by winning honorable mention.

Each class was given one sheet of red paper to decorate their door with, and they were free to decorate it in whichever way they wanted.  Students became very creative with the decorations making it tough for the judges, campus supervisors Mike Greer and Lyn Cooper, to choose the winner.  Some classes made 3-D objects, while others wrote motivational phrases. Other classes drew pictures of cartoon characters showing what they would look like if they did drugs. In the end, it was about the class that provided the best “drug free” poster.