2010 We the People Team: Travel, Inspiration & Work

The Irvington We the People team went on its annual trip to Washington D.C. on October 11 to 18. Though students experienced a rough adjustment period when returning home because of all of the makeup work, most members agree that the trip was worth it.

At Washington D.C., the WTP team attended various lectures by notable speakers such as Undersecretary of Commerce (and Fremont resident) Ro Khanna, Congressman Pete Stark, the historians of the House and Senate, Constitutional scholar Mark Tushnett, and prominent D.C. District Court Judge Royce Lamberth. Other highlights of the week included waking up at 4:30 in the morning to line up for a Supreme Court case, visiting the Lincoln, Washington, Korean War, and Vietnam War memorials, as well as researching in the Library of Congress.

Now, the Class of 2010 WTP team is concentrating on mastering informational on the Constitutional history and application to prepare for the District Competition coming up on November 19.