The Day of the Dead

The Mexican culture celebrates their dead

The annual Dia de los Muertos presentation by Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan (MEChA) was held on October 30th in the library. The presentation lasted all day, as various classes came in to learn about the holiday and see the colorful altars that MEChA had put up in the library. The presentation began as soon as the classes were seated, and a few members of MEChA explained what the holiday means to the students. The holiday is actually held on November 1st and 2nd for the purpose of celebrating or honoring the dead. As the slideshow continued, MEChA members explained that the monarch butterflies that migrate to Mexico represent the souls of their loved ones.

Following the presentation, there was a short dance performed by MEChA members in order to preview the Ritmo Latino show coming in January, and then candy was passed out to students who correctly answered questions about the presentation.

The students were then allowed to wander around the library in order to examine the decorative alters made for various people like Patrick Swayze, Michael Jackson, the Taco Bell dog, Walt Disney and many more. In the back of the library students write the name of a friend, a loved one, or someone who had passed away on a butterfly-shaped paper and pin it up on a black sheet. The sheet was filled with butterflies, and throughout the day more and more names were being put up.

Mr. Ballado and Mecha members put a lot of work into decorating the library and seceded in informing students how a different culture celebrates The Day of the Dead.