New Academy After Fire

Burnt rooms are now the site of Irvington’s own New Media Arts Academy

Room 84 and the art department’s storage room were severely damaged by a fire that was set last school year. Several other rooms in the vicinity suffered smoke damage and were closed off to teachers and students for the remainder of the school year, but room 84 and the art storage room have been completely renovated.

The two rooms have been completely transformed into a spacious studio, classroom, and computer lab for Irvington’s New Media Arts Academy.

During the renovations, the wall between the art storage room and room 84 was knocked down, and a set of large double doors was installed. Photography teacher Ms. Shiloh Burton had asked experts in the field of media arts to plan the new layout of the joined rooms. Her vision was to create a studio. Today, the old art storage room is being prepared to serve as a “sound booth,” where students will record audio for their media projects. The new studio’s shooting room and classroom with a computer lab will be a place for students to learn how to edit podcasts, movies, and animation.

Last year’s fire occurred soon after Burton had moved $750 worth of lighting equipment into the art supply room. Burton says this was a huge loss, but she would like to recognize Athletic Director Mr. Jeff Fern and President of the IHS Athletic Boosters Club Mrs. Michelle Stone for their generous donation of $750 to the photography department for the purchase of new equipment.

The New Media Arts Academy was set up as part of the California Partnership Academies grant, from the California Department of Education.

Though final touches need to be made on the new studio before it is fully functional, Burton expects it to be available for students’ use some time during this school year.