Spirit Week 2009: Disney Wonderland

Seniors Fly Away With Triple Crown

Spirit Week 2009 was given the ever-loved theme of Disney Classics. Freshman founds their paradise under sea, with their theme of The Little Mermaid. Sophomores roared with pride with their theme of The Lion King. Juniors took the opportunity to flash their strength when given the theme of Hercules and Seniors fittingly coined the phrase “We Don’t Ever Want to Grow Up,” in accordance with their theme, Peter Pan.

Seniors ended Spirit Week with a strong show that knocked out all three other classes. Their bench was elaborate and well thought out with their theme. A particular highlight was the famous Pirates’ Ship from Peter Pan. The ship, built from wood, extended 30 feet long and was designed so that spectators could go inside and stand on the ship’s deck.

Seniors blew away the dress up participation points with an astonishing 63 percent participation. The halls were bustling with Peter Pans, Wendys, little Indians, Pirates and other Peter Pan characters. The Senior skit was the journey of Peter Pan in his pursuit to rescue Tinker Bell, held hostage by Captain Hook and his pirates(representing Mission High School). Peter Pan and his crew tried everything from swordfights and Indian rain dances. Mr. Ballado played the chief Indian, who, along with his tribe, performed an Indian rain dance to a Bollywood song. In the end, Irvington’s side of Peter Pan was able to win Tinker Bell back by defeating Mission’s Captain Hook in a football game. The overall combination of skit, bench, and spirit earned seniors the much coveted prize of Triple Crown.

Sophomores took the stage second with jungle-like decorations in the courtyard. Their decorations included paw prints and animals scattered across the courtyard, earning them 3rd place in bench decorations, beating out the Juniors who came in 4th.

Sophomores dressed in army green, animal outfits, and other jungle attired. Their skit was shot and sweet and brought a huge turnout in sophomore class participation. While the skit was mildly funny and fairly entertaining, the dance took a turn for the worse as a technical difficulty in the music resulted in the large group of dancing sophomores confused and flustered in the middle of the gym floor. However, they were able to regroup well enough to win a 2nd place victory in the skit and dance category. That, in combination with their 3rd place in spirit participation (beating Freshman who placed 4th), earned the roaring lions an overall 2nd place this Spirit Week. Good job, Sophomores!