Habitat For Humanity’s Speed Friending

On Friday, February 5th, Irvington High School’s very own Habitat for Humanity club hosted a social activity coined “Speed Friending” in Mr. Lewis’s Room (25). The event featured a round-robin type gathering, in which the girls and boys were seperated and seated on opposite sides of a long row of tables. Each “couple” had two minutes to engage in conversation, and when the time expired, the males rotated onto the next girl.

The whole point of the event was to be able to let Habitat for Humanity (HFH) members connect with more people throughout the school. It was a great success, and many people were able to make a variety of new friends. Senior Xuchen Hu said, “Everyone there was so friendly and enthusiastic. It was great getting to meet such a diverse group of people.”

Even though some of the people who showed up to speed friending already knew many of the others there, HFH’s event served to be a great social event. Senior Shilpi Mathrani commented, “Though I knew some of the people around me, it was an interesting way to still catch up and get to know them a little better. [It was] definitely a good way to pass lunch and give back to a good cause!” Indeed, donations were accepted throughout the entire event, with all proceeds heading towards HFH’s club treasury, which is used to fund trips across the bay to a multitude of house-building projects.