Chilean Miners Rescued

Miners in Chile Successfully Rescued After Being Trapped for Sixty-Nine Days

         On August 5th, a rockfall in a mine in San Jose, Chile, left thirty-three miners underground. For sixty-nine days, the miners have managed to survive at a depth of 622 meters below the ground of the Atacama Desert. During this time, they have gradually become accustomed to the darkness and have survived on what resources they had left over.

            Wednesday, October 13th, marked the beginning of the rescue effort. Before the men could be rescued, they had to wear oxygen masks and dark glasses for eye protection from the light. A 500-pound capsule, named the Phoenix, was lowered along a 2,000-foot shaft that had been drilled by the rescuers. The capsule, which could hold one person at a time, was equipped with oxygen and materials for communication.

            When of the capsule safely reached the miners, joy spread across the nation. Families, relatives, and friends rejoiced in the success of the rescue. A man who is a relative of a miner said, “I feel happiness. I feel tranquil—the fear is now gone.”

            As the miners were hoisted to the surface, they were greeted by the Chilean President Sebastian Pinera. Jorge Galleguillos, the 11th man to be rescued, said, “Thank you for believing that we were alive.”