Leftover Halloween Candy: Now What?

Top Five Ways to Deal with Remaining Candy from Trick-or-Treating

After a long night of Trick-or-Treating, you finally return home with a prodigious bag of candy, so full that it comes to the verge of bursting. A few weeks later, you realize that you don’t really want the candy anymore. What should you do with the leftover candy? Here are ten fun suggestions that you can try with your friends.

1. Challenge your friends to a game of waste-candy basket:

Put a trash bin 20 to 30 feet away from where you are sitting. Each person has a pile of 20 or more candies. The winner will be the one with the most made shots. The loser is awarded with the burden of deciding what to do with the candies.

2. Cold Stone, anyone?

Get out all the Kit-Kats, Hershey’s chocolate bars, Twix, M&Ms, Skittles, and whatever else you can find. Treat yourself with the ultimate ice cream experience by combining a variety of candies. Don’t forget to turn on the music to full volume while you and your friends party!

3. Chocolate donut melts

For those who enjoy donuts and donut bars, you now have a chance to make your own homemade chocolate donuts. Get out some baguettes, plain bagels, or Italian bread, and place different types of chocolates onto the bread. Put it in the oven and bake at high until the chocolate has fully melted.

4. Make an advent calendar

Candy shouldn’t be limited to Halloween. As you countdown to Thanksgiving or Christmas, you can make an advent calendar using the leftover candies from Halloween. For each day, put a different type of candy to enjoy. Caution, though—you may find it hard to resist taking more than one piece of candy per day!

5. Recycle and reuse

When you go out Trick-or-Treating next year, show off to the other Trick-or-Treaters by having an enormous sack of candy early on in the night. The size of their bags will be nothing compared to yours. If you are quick and return home earlier than usual, enjoy your new candy while you give out the old ones to Trick-or-Treaters who have yet to come to your house. They will never be able to tell the difference.