Cheap Doesn’t Mean Bad

With Christmas Just Around the Corner, do NOT Waste Money While Buying Gifts

I personally claim the title “Best Cheap Gift-Buyer of The World” and I will now like to share my advice so the rest of the world understands how to create the most happiness for the cheapest price. It is the right thing to do, because everyone must know this knowledge. By doing this, I am helping out humanity.

            Of course, the first thing one must do is go through what you already have. Don’t like that hat? It might look better on a head that is not so perfectly shaped. Is that shirt too small for you? Well, you could always give it someone smaller than you, or give it to someone larger than you and they’ll feel flattered that you think they’re so skinny. Let’s face it, some things exist better with other people. I know that might not happen that many times, but if you accept everything you have, then you’re worth nothing. Nothing. So, if that thing you have is still in place with a tag, you’re still good. If it doesn’t have a tag, it’s still okay! It’s easy to make those these days. While you’re at it, you can “accidentally” forget to take off the price and that way, you can seem like you spent a lot for a used thing, when you actually didn’t buy anything at all!

            Secondly… wait, I think one is enough. I’m cheap with gifts, and I’m also cheap with time. I’ll stop wasting my time with this. You know, the advice I have given you has already been enough to last you this Christmas. Once you used that one enough, you can find me next year. Same place. I’ll be here.