Latino Christmas

Latin Dancers Perform in Valhalla

 On December 13th in Valhalla MECHA held their annual “Christmas Around the World performance during fourth and fifth period. This is the fourth year that MECHA has held the “Christmas Around the World” performance.  

            The show begins with a traditional Mexican dance done by one woman wearing a brilliantly colorful dress. Then two males come out and dance around her while pretending to sword fight. The show continues with an all-girls Mexican folk dance, with all four women wearing all white traditional clothing.

            After a few dances one of the highlights of the show was that a lady came out wearing a heavily sequenced dressed, and sang famous Mexican songs for the audience. A few students knew the songs, and sang along.

            One of the other main parts of the performance was when two men came out and did a traditional dance wearing extremely large hats. It was amazing for the audience to see them balance such heavy hats, while still managing to dance along to a flute-like song. The rest of the dances included western Mexican style of dancing and were more upbeat.

            MECHA put on a great show, and was a good way for students taking Spanish to be immersed in traditional Mexican dance.