It’s all the in the words

The true crime of banning music

          Recently, the Fremont Unified School District placed a restriction on specific types of music played at school dances, which basically eliminated all mainstream hip-hop from the dance playlists.

            The problem with this initiative does not lie in the fact that the district is trying to restrict yet another aspect of our schools. Instead, it lies in the ineffectiveness of the initiative itself. First of all, the meanings of songs like “Hey Baby” by Pitbull or “Like a G6” by the Far East Movement may not be some of the best, but students are part of a culture where, everyday, they are exposed to topics like these.

             These dances are held in order for students to have fun—to mingle and socialize with friends. ASB uses the dance revenues in order to help our school and student body in other ways. By censoring the type of music played, students will not be as inclined to attend dances, which, in the end, will just defeat the purpose of having the dances in the first place.