Local Destinations for Winter Break

1.                  Union Square

One of the most exciting places to be at during the holiday season is Union Square in San Francisco. You can go with your families to see Macy’s Great Tree which was lit during Macy’s annual Tree Lighting where, this year, Katherine McPhee performed her new album. Additionally, you can have fun ice skating in the Union Square Holiday Ice Rink.

 2.                  Santana Row

The Christmas lights, decorations, and music featured during the holidays create a joyous atmosphere. The promenade set up is great so you can walk around the streets, have a snack at one of the few coffee shops, or even go shopping. While you’re there, take a minute to drop off your new or gently used coat at a drop-off location in Santana Row to contribute to the One Warm Coat Charity Drive.

3.                  Crippsmas Place

Fremont homes on Cripps Place at a local Centerville neighborhood, and several surrounding homes, are lavishly decorated with bright lights, new and old cartoon characters on painted plywood, sometimes an inflatable Santa Clause. At the end of Wellington Place, free candy canes are passed out by volunteers and donations to the charity of the day are accepted.