Where’s The Green Club?

Why America’s Greenest School doesn’t need a Green Club

    Just because Irvington has won the title of America’s Greenest School doesn’t necessary mean that our school needs a green club to monitor the environmental status of the high school. However, many students and faculty wonder whether a green advisory is adequate enough.

            I personally believe that a Green Advisory is sufficient. The Green Advisory’s main purpose is to promote the green initiative of Irvington High School. It just recently conducted an audit by looking into five cafeteria garbage bags. The members inspected its components and measured the actual quantities of waste and the quantities of recyclable materials, such as plastic bottles, glass bottles, compostable food items, etc.  

Through these audits and surveys, the Green Advisory is able to measure how our school is performing as America’s Greenest School. It does a terrific job in promoting public awareness about composting and the amount of recyclable materials that end up in our garbage cans.

    People on the other side, who believe that a green club is mandatory for America’s Greenest School, will argue that a Green Advisory isn’t able to involve as many students. However, Mr. Clint Johns (advisor for Green Advisory), said, “Most of the students in Green Advisory were in the former Green Club. There are students that have great ideas and I would say that the Green Advisory does have an imprint on America’s Greenest School.”