Lil Q’s Thanksgiving Thought


A rhyme about Thanksgiving

Mommy Mommy Mommy, listen to me Mommy,

All I want right now, is my beef pastrami.

I’m sittin’ at the table, not in the mood to thank,

The sweet smell of gravy, leaves my mind blank.

Hurry up sister, be quick with the prayers,

Cuz I’m gonna attack the turkey, like a dragon slayer.

I have the pour to devour, but my mood is so sour,

Cuz my mom said the food is gonna take another hour.

I’m hungry and dizzy, my vision’s turning blurry,

Today its about the turkey, and not about the curry.

I really want my gravy, on top of my potatoes,

Before my bro squishes them like a box of playdough.

I’m thankful for a lot, like the food that’s present,

I’m thankful that I’m rich, and not living like a peasant.

I’m thankful for the Raiders, who actually are raw,

Their three game winning streak, makes me drop my jaw.

I’m thankful for the Giants, who won the World Series,

I’m thankful for the onions that make my eyes teary.

‘Cause with those yummy onions, I flavor my food,

And eat until I am in a very happy mood.

I’m done with being thankful so I’m very angry now,

But the turkey just arrived, so now I say “wow.”

But not being thankful, you’ll have to pay the price,

I completely ignored this, as I ate my rice.

But the price I paid, as I made a cursing sound,

Was the fact I dropped the whole entire turkey to the ground.

So the moral of the story, is show your gratitude,

Or you’ll be stuck with wilted lettuce as your Thanksgiving food.