Dodgeball 2011

Irvington’s Annual Dodgeball Tournament is already living up to its heated reputation. Preliminary rounds have begun and the competition is arguably tougher this year than in years past. Without the reigning Kaos Klan competing, this year’s trophy could go to anybody. Read on to size up the competition.


The Far East Freshmen
The Far East Freshmen hail from the, as their name says, the class of 2014. “We’re pretty cool,” said the team, which consists of captain Joshua Handjojo, Kris Lacson, Michelle Tam, Cindy Meng, Jeanine Yao, Brandon Truong, Nathan Chen, Jared Lee, Garrett Cheng and Austin Chen. When asked what quote represents their team, the Far East Freshmen replied “Asian.”


Wolf Beaters
This sophomore team commanded by Rand Seargeant has one thing to say: “Wolfpack team is our nemesis and we will destroy them.” Made up of Leandro Domantay, Abi Garcia, Brian Zucker, Sridhar Nyshadham, Joey Cordova, Anatole Elsner, Michael Elder, Nicole Ho, and Marissa Kutazumi; this team believes in the classic saying “Go hard or go home.” Beware, Wolfpack. Looks like you have competition.


Orange Crush
Possibly the most underrated team at the tournament, this Junior team led by captains Sean Rogers and Nathan Fontes aim to take the title away from the Senior class. “We’re a team that doesn’t have a weak spot.” claim the captains “Our team is solid all around.” This impenetrable clan consists of Kayla Doty, Ahmed Eldesouky, Jake Fink, Mark Grewal, Michael Kockon, Aaron Cooper, Ashley Torres and Karina Paonessa. Keep an eye out for this confident team next Friday.


“If you’re not first, you’re last” from Ricky Bobby sums up the spectacular
senior dodge ball team, Monstarz. This year, captain Matt Tomblin and co-captain Keanu
Kalawaia lead their teammates Nick Marino, Sabrina Drummond, Kendra Campbell, Dante
Smith, Ali Fremont, Tyler Polani, Anoop Kang and Adrian Alvarez. Monstarz made it to the
championship round for the last three years, but they were robbed of victory last year in a loss to
Chaos Clan. However, they hope things will turn around this year. “We refuse to lose,” said the
team in a written statement. “New member Anoop Kang will help us win… we will win!!”

Black Ops
This team, which consists of all senior has shown a special diligence toward their preparation for the tournament. Preparing since the month of March, this team featuring captain Kieran Hasset along with the power of Kekoa Wu, Shaun Ho, Nathan Zucker, Donna Huynh, Salena Huang, Anasza Thompson, Henry Wang, William Hsieh and Scott Bennett has a realistic chance to do some serious damage. The thing that makes this team the most scary is the fact that they have played a whole score of deathmatches with Zombies. Yikes!

Never Say Never
Pratik Kumar leads the Justin Beiber fanatic Team. By combining over 9000 AP’s taken throughout high school, this team has the power to go on like Donky Kong in the Dodgeball tournament. The team combines the power of Evan Whiles, Yash Verma, Shreya Sharma, Arvind Badrinarayanan, Cavin Lai, Margret Mendenhall, Heeral Patel, Chris Lin, and Akshay Narayan. “Profit , Profit Justin Bieber got it” says Team Never Say Never, “Everyone knows hes a monster”.

Snug Life
Tyler Zacarias, John Wright, and Michelle Hong lead the Snug Life to be a group of determined young dodgeballers. The newly formed team, which consists of seniors Steven Langfod, Megan Powers, Richard Sargent, Jake Koch, Yusuf Shaikh, Trevor Davies, and Kelly Noguiero, has inspiration to win the tournament. The best of all teams combined to make the best team of all. When asked what best style sums up their team, they replied, “Snug Life!”

Black and Yellow
Another senior team, Black and Yellow, which is led by Masih Atiq, has entered the competition and is determined to win. They want students to know that people should get autographs now because after they win, they will be very famous and won’t have time to sign. Black and Yellow members include Christina Martinez, Jennifer Shue, Jessica Redgrave, Wade Sarchet, Jesus Radilla, Niko Suminguit, Ralph Navarro, Joel Vazquez and Randel Torres. When asked what quote sums up their team, they promptly replied, “Aha you know what it is!”

The Nutcrackers
Watch your back! Here comes the Nutcrackers! Comprised of leader Miranda Nghiem, Lauren Rawlin, Devan Seeley, Francesca Mirabile, Donovan Scott, Sahil Pandya, Srikar Chitipalli, Kevin Patel, Taylor Leandro, and Donny Marra, the Nutcrackers is an all-senior team ready to win. “We are going to be awesome.” The team proclaims. “We ARE the Nutcrackers.”

Come to the Dodgeball Tournament on Friday, March 18th to witness IHS Dodgeball in all its volatile glory!