Pink Slips? No,Thank You

While Victoria’s Secret might love PINK, Irvington staff definitely does not!

Ms. Allyson McAuley is one of the most well-known and appreciated teachers on campus. She is a librarian, a speech and debate coach, a master in French, a technician, and most of all, a sincere person with a smile on her face. Yet, just imagine what would happen if she lost her job. Debate would have one less qualified coach, the library might not even be open, a good portion of the computers on campus would not be accessible to students. The list goes on. Last year, young adults, parents, teachers, and citizens voted to pass Measure K. Why? We wanted a change, we didn’t want our teachers teaching in class with the constant worry of whether they will get a pink slip or not. The list does not stop with just the librarians. It goes on to cutting counselors and Assistant Principals (AP).

TO work well with Governor Jerry Brown’s new education plan, the district decided to cut faculty, even though Measure K promised to save their jobs. According to CSBA’s Governmental Relations Department, “Since the minimum Proposition 98 guarantee would also drop if the revenues are not approved, the Legislature could cut $2 billion from the K-12 budget without suspension.” Yet, with support from the school, Irvington students attended the school board meeting to represent their teachers, wrote letters to board members, and voiced out their opinions. With the community’s support, Irvington won back its librarians, counselors, and APs.

Yet, the future of others, including staff and teachers, is unknown. We can only hope for the best.