Teacher Shopping

Petitions interpreted differently by students

Dozens of students lined up outside the office doors to petition for their classes. Many who stood in line wanted another teacher rather than a different class. Unfortunately, the office does not allow “teacher shopping” and have repeatedly say that at the long petition line.

“The office should consider the different workloads given by teachers and not give all the touch teachers to one person,” says sophomore Sohinee Oswal.

On the other hand, pleasing all the students would be chaotic and too stressful for the administration to handle. Even after establishing the “no teacher shopping” rule with many students left in dismay, several students are still petitioning.  Mr. Moran admits that they are still “trying to control the lines.”

Nonetheless, Mr. Moran is proud that the “kids [at Irvington] are good in sticking up for their rights.”