Hello Football or Hello Dance?

First Football Game Coincides with Hello Dance

ASB schedules the Hello Dance Friday, Sept. 9, the same day as Irvington football’s first home game, leaving many students at a loss of whether to support Irvington’s football or going to the first dance of the year.

Irvington football is publicizing more for more viewership and attempting to get more students interested in football. Scheduling the Hello Dance the same day as the football game will impact the number of spectators at the game. Additionally, many football players also wanted to attend the Hello Dance. Varsity player Kevin Wyant says, “It sucks since I know a lot of the football players who wanted to make it to the dance. I think it’s pretty poor scheduling on [ASB’s] part.” This schedule conflict doesn’t involve only the football team—the cheerleaders are also affected. Cheerleaders must be present at all football games, so none of the cheerleaders can make it to the Hello Dance either. Cheerleader Alicia Ruiz says, “I really wanted to go the Hello Dance, but I can’t.  I’m kind of bummed about this whole schedule.”

Additionally, many students are torn between supporting their fellow students and having fun at the first dance of the year. Emanuel Ruiz, grade 10, says, “I want to go to the Hello Dance, but I also want to go the football game to support my friends.”

ASB secretary Priyanka Shindigikar states, “Hello Dance is always on the second Friday after school starts, and this year, all football games are on Friday. We’re really sorry about it, but it was something that we couldn’t really prevent.”