Fantasy Football: More Strategy than You’d Think

Online football game takes analytical and tactical skills to

Fantasy football is an up and coming online game that has attracted football fans around the nation. At a basic level, fantasy football is very simple. First, you join an online league with your friends and have a draft. In this draft, you choose top performing National Football League players to create your team.

In fantasy land, a players’ real performance on game day determines how many points that player gets on your fantasy team. Every week, you are put in a head-to-head match up against someone else in your league. If your fantasy team earns you more points than your opponent’s team, you will win that week’s match up.

It may seem simple, but there is a lot of strategy involved to maximize your team’s scoring. When you draft your team, you must also draft bench players. These are players that will not contribute to your score, but can make an impact in the future if you choose to put them in your starting lineup. Also, you must look players’ previous success and whether they are currently injured or not. If they are injured or are playing poorly, it is better drop them from your team or put them on your bench. Another factor to analyze is position match ups. For instance, if your quarterback is throwing against a team who has a really good pass defense, he is less likely to score a lot of points for your fantasy team.

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