Is Darth Vader really Luke’s father in High Def?

A New Experience for Old Fans

by Sabir Utamsing

George Lucas and Lucas Films re-released his famous hextology saga: Star Wars. Except this time, its on Blu Ray. As an avid fan of the films, I per-ordered my copies nearly a month in advance. Let me tell you, the HD versions live up to their expectations. I mean it’s a break through in technology. The refining of the image quality is probably the best that’s been done up to date.  And don’t even get me started on the HD audio (6.1 surround sound) and the 40+ hours of never before seen behind the set footage.  In my home theater, the Millennium Falcon rattles my popcorn and my Darth Vader helmet (I always wear it when I’m in a Star Wars mood). I haven’t gone through nearly half of the footage so I can’t really talk much about that. But it’s all good stuff. I mean the more the merrier! For all you Star Wars fans out there, contact me, we’ll go watch the Saga in 3D when it comes out in the next few years!

And Vader will always be Luke’s father.