Our Cheerleaders Rise to the Top

Cheerleaders come first at regionals

After eight long years of coming in second to Washington, our Viking cheerleaders pulled through and came out on top.  September 24th, 2011 was the cheerleading regional competition at Santa Cruz.  Every team that participated at regionals was graded on their: showmanship, choreography, difficulty, specialty skills, execution and overall impression.  This year our team maxed out on their scores in the majority of these categories.  To be able to move on to the next competition, the cheerleaders must get a bid, or a high enough score, to get to nationals.  The bid for this year’s competition was 75 point.  The Irvington Cheerleaders did so well that they got eleven points higher with a whopping score of 86!

Our cheerleaders had an amazing routine with crazy stunts.  They started out with an impressive pyramid.  Another highlight of their performance was an aerobesque, where a group of girls holds one of their teammates in the air while she poses.  During their routine they even involved the crowd by holding up signs.  The Irvington Cheer team is very well known for their astonishing amount of spirit.  When asked about how she felt after the competition Jennifer Topps stated  “It felt amazing because we had made a lot of last minute changes to our routine and knowing that we could win with a routine which had room for improvement, made me feel very accomplished”.