Make the Perfect Homecoming Speech

Be the king or queen that everyone votes for.

So you’re running for homecoming court and you’re looking for a satisfactory king or queen speech that really gets the crowd moving, to ensure that you will get many votes. Throughout your speech never say your name, people won’t know who they are voting for and it gives you that mysterious look, kind of like Edward in Twilight. Also, appearance is always key when people are recording you and taking pictures, no king or queen wants to be washed out they want to stand out! Make sure to pack on the makeup and foundation big time. Remember more is always better, you really want to go for that “Snooki orange glow”. Another thing, don’t follow the crowd, people always talk about how involved they are in their high school life. Just tell people that you went to high school for all four years and where able to procrastinate on homework and sleep during class. That itself deserves a round of applause.