National French Week

A Taste of French Culture for Irvington High School

November 14- November 18 was National French Week. French students joined with French Club helped to make this a memorable event for Irvington High School. These students helped set up the school to spread the French culture.

Each day of the week had a different theme involving French activities. On Monday, French students hung up posters around the school to inform everyone about France and French week. On Tuesday, French club sold crepes, which were a hit. On Wednesday, people painted French flags on themselves to show their pride. On Thursday, students got together to play special French board games. On Friday, French students watched and listened to French videos and music.

“It was really fun, exciting, and the food was delicious,” says sophomore Eva Sinha, “A great way to experience a culture from another part of the world.” French students were occupied the whole week as they worked hard to make this a memorable event for all Irvington High School students. They put in a lot of effort decorating the school with a French theme.

Students were surprised to learn many new and interesting facts about France and enjoyed the numerous activities. French Week helped many students learn about France and the many French-speaking countries around the world.