Pre-season Look Into Basketball

With young players on the teams, let’s see how they are shaping up

Last year the girls varsity basketball team finished their season third in league, behind Mission and Logan. The team did a great job and made it to NCS for the first time in a long while, but unfortunately lost in the first round. “This year the team is very small and very young. However, we do have some bright spots on the team with returning all league honorable mention, Nicole Ho, as our point guard and Bianca “big baby” Opara as our power post”, says varsity basketball coach, Michael Senadenos.

On September 26, JV and Varsity girls had their first home scrimmage of the season against the San Lorenzo Rebels. JV played good and hard in a tough game, 18-26, but lost in the end. JV has several good players with talent and they will continue to get better as they go into pre-season games. Varsity was on fire and beat the rebels, 56-25. Multiple girls on the team scored more than four baskets, made their free throws, and got really aggressive. Junior Opara made the second basket of the game and continued to make four baskets overall. Junior Ho made two free throws and a total of seven baskets.