Link Movie Night

LINK Movie Night!

On Friday, November 18th, LINK leaders hosted a movie night in the school cafeteria for Irvington’s freshmen students. This event served as a bonding activity and a kickoff to the Thanksgiving break during the following week. The movie played was The Blind Side as a prelude to the message behind the Thanksgiving holiday.

LINK leaders arrived early at the event at 5 to set up the cafeteria and transform the room into a warm theatre room with lights strung around the lunch tables, blankets sprawled onto the floors, and a large screen for the movie to be projected onto. At approximately 5:30 p.m., freshmen students began arriving, and were greeted by excited LINK leaders. As the lights were switched off and the movie previews began playing, everyone began settling down onto the floors with friends. ASB students were selling popcorn, pizza, and soft drinks throughout the event.

When asked about the purpose behind such an event, ASB’s LINK assistant, junior Samira Agarwal, said “We chose The Blind Side because it taught a lesson. We really love having these events because we want all the freshman to have role models, and we really wantIrvington to feel like a family.”