Author Michael Grant visits Irvington High School

On April 19, young adult novelist Michael Grant visited the Irvington High School library. He gave a presentation on his two newest books, BZRK and Fear.

“In BZRK, I wanted to define ‘monster’ in a different way,” explained Grant. “I wanted to go small and find something dark and disturbing.” BZRK, which is about a future society in which nanotechnology is used to make people more pliable and docile, delves deep into the human body and examines the nature of reality.

Fear is the fifth novel in the Gone series, which is about a town in which all the adults have disappeared, leaving only teenagers and children, some of who begin to develop supernatural powers. “The Gone series is a series about desperation and about what’s right. It’s about what people do in desperate times,” the author said.

Michael Grant arrived during the lunch period to autograph books and explained his novels during sixth period. He encourages aspiring writers to not give up, saying, “There’s never been a better time to write.”