Viking Television Launches for 2012-2013 School Year

VTV is ready to cover the new school year

By Jenny Lu

VTV, or Viking Television, is up and running for the 2012-2013 school year.  Juniors Karen Li and Bryan Tran are in charge of this four-year old campus new station that covers school events such as shows, dances, sports, and others.

According to Karen Li, VTV’s purpose is to provide another medium for Irvington to publicize, but it’s also a good way to appreciate the hard work of those at IHS. All episodes are uploaded onto Youtube and Facebook, and ASB and VTV team members work on circulating the episodes.

So far, VTV has publicized Irvington’s Hello Dance with a video depicting several students participating in a flash mob. The video has received wide acclaim on Facebook, where it was shared numerous times.

“I never knew VTV even existed until this year. I think it’s pretty cool, “ said  junior Theresa Li.

“I personally want to push VTV above and beyond what it has been so far. We students are more attracted to humorous,pretty, or interesting things, so I want to try to incorporate all that into a great idea that we can put to good use,” said Li. “The past few years, it has been pretty underground, so I really want the school to be more aware of it, as well as the things that we report on.”