Irvington’s “Hidden Treasures”

10 Interesting Things Hidden Around Campus

By Iris Lee

1. Mr. Chan’s doorways. Ever wonder how he gets to the library so quickly? Even if you don’t, the truth is that he has several “shortcuts”(doorways) in his room…and now you know.


2. Mr. Kumar’s expensive cars. Word on the street is he drives a decked-out car to school and claims it as his “cheap car.”


3. Mrs. Hull’s ever-changing picture frame on her desk! Every so often, she puts a new “couple” picture on display.


4. Ms. Miller’s bottled preserved lizards! They were live souvenirs before they were dropped and sealed in their respective jars…yikes.


5. Mr. Lee’s element computer thing, all he needs to do is select an element from a periodic table app and it pops up on the screen for all of his students to see!


6. Big Bird…oh wait, that’s just an AP Chemistry teacher.


7. Teacher bathroom! It’s practically a lounge with that couch. That’s right, we know.


8. The photo class’s darkroom: it’s bigger and darker than it seems! It connects with the regular classroom with a revolving door—a must-see.


9. The little garden near the 200 wing, complete with flowers, a bench, and a sidewalk. What a peaceful place.


10. Mr. Breiger and his harmonica. Definitely a hidden treasure.