The Darker Side Of Chemistry

What Breaking Bad is all about

AMC’s T.V show ‘Breaking Bad’ has come a long way since the beginning. Main character Walter White lives with his wife and son. Upon finding out that he is diagnosed with lung cancer, Walter decides to start manufacturing and selling meth with a former student of his, thinking it will help financially support his family after he passes. With money driving him, Walter plunges into a strange new world he would have never seen before.

Seeing the transition of Bryan Cranston, (Walter White) play such a goofy character as the dad on the T.V show ‘Malcom in the Middle’ into Heisenberg (Walter White’s alter ego) on ‘Breaking Bad’ gives the show a very intriguing reason to watch it. The camera angles and positions give you a totally new perspective on how you view certain aspects of the show. The camera focused on a pool of water, while a pink raggedy eyeless doll slowly creeps into view. It keeps you guessing what will happen next.

Intense, suspenseful, and funny, ‘Breaking Bad’ delivers a totally new and addictive show that you can’t seem to stop watching. If you love middle aged, ego-maniacal, manipulative meth cooks, then you’re guaranteed to love this show.