How Old is too Old to Trick-or-Treat?

It’s okay for high school students to trick-or-treat

By Aaron Whitaker

Another Halloween has come and gone, and I, along with many high school students, enjoyed the evening by keeping up the tradition of trick-or-treating.  It is always fun going with friends to neighbors and receiving free candy.  But how old are you going to be when you stop trick-or-treating?  One of my neighbors does not let his kids trick-or-treat after junior high, and I was appalled. Trick-or-treating is a joyful activity that helps us cherish childhood, and since high school years are the last before adulthood,  we should embrace it.  What better way is there to be a kid than to trick-or-treat? Everyone should be allowed to trick-or-treat in high school.

We are now old enough to go out without parental supervision, thus parents can have the house to themselves for three hours while their troublesome teens trick-or-treat. In addition, you get to meet your neighbors and Halloween has always been a holiday where you get to see your neighbors who you may never talk to for the rest of the year. These are our last few years as kids and we should make the most of them by trick-or-treating.  Besides, who does not want to come home with a large stash of free candy? In college, no one is going to hand out candy to you.  Most people will probably go to costume parties instead.

Many parents and teenagers believe trick-or-treating is reserved for small children who are still cute and innocent enough to receive free candy, but I do not believe that teens should be restricted on that basis.  Neighbors should come to realize that we are going to be moving away from home and we will no longer be kids.  Trick-or-treating is a great way to celebrate the end of your childhood.

As high school students, it is okay for us to trick-or-treat, as long as we don a costume.  Trick-or-treating keeps your last years of youth alive and having a good time with friends on Halloween, whether it be trick-or-treating or attending a party, should not be hampered by anyone.