Winterguard Shines at EVALS

Irvington’s team places in Scholastic Regional A

By Nisha Patel

On Saturday, January 5th, 2013, at evaluations (EVALS) held at James Logan High School, Winterguard performed for judges to determine what level the teams are at. EVALS is primarily for the judges to place the teams into a division where we will compete in for the rest of the season; Irvington’s team was placed in Scholastic Regional A. According to the Irvington team, this was exactly where they hoped to be placed within the Scholastic A class of the Scholastic division.

“It went very well considering how more than half the members are completely new to guard. I can see that there is a lot of potential and commitment this year and I feel relieved to leave next year knowing that they’ll achieve more than what we did this year” said senior Beverly Yee. “We are definitely working very hard right now to finish the rest of our show and hopefully we will end up with a show that stands up to our Sweepstakes name.”

Winterguard is a winter sport that begins immediately after the fall season ends, and is distinguishable from colorguard because all the attention is on the guard. Winterguard is a lot more creative than color guard during marching season because the teams pick their own theme along with accompanying songs; they are allowed more freedom by incorporating more dance and equipment including sabres, rifles, props into the show.