New idea for all glass cars

By Brandon McAlister

In 2008, French designer Pierre Sabas designed an all glass car called Airflow and won Best Design Interpretation at the Pilkington Automotive Vehicle Design Awards. The Airflow seats 4 people and has an electric engine in the wheel, along with the suspensions for the car.  Suspensions provide steering stability and ultimate comfort. Since the exterior of the car is completely glass, the driver has a full 360-degree view of the surrounding road.

Opinions on all glass complexion is controversial, either seen as smart and innovative or ridiculous and pointless. This see through car will not satisfy those who prefer privacy while driving. Drivers are at a higher risk of injury or death due to the glass exterior and interior. The Airflow makes the perfect vehicle for car show fanatics who are overzealous with ostentatious cars. The Airflow has not been commercialized yet, but with the car’s unique benefits it will be up for grabs soon.