Suzuki PIXY and SSC

By Eugene Wong

Japanese car manufacturer, Suzuki, produced PIXY and Suzuki Shared Coach (SSC) as concept vehicles for Japan’s Next-Generation Vehicle and Fuel Initiative. Unveiled at the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show, PIXY and SSC embody Suzuki’s vision towards achieving universal transportation by 2030. The pod-shaped PIXY fits one person and reaches 6km/h speeds. Its computer-like user interface adopts a mouse pad based steering system. Although the PIXY only navigates indoors and mild outdoor terrains, it can dock inside SSC, a unit capable of 100 km/h speeds with up to 2 PIXYs inside.  Contrary to the PIXY’s egg-like design, the SSC is box shaped and opens up like a car’s trunk door when pairing and un-pairing with PIXY. As zero emission vehicles, PIXY runs on an electric motor and SSC, a fuel cell. Suzuki intends to sell PIXY and SSC as a package since they function in tandem; however, marketing and design details lack updates since 2008.