Stress free week?

Stress on top of stress on top of stress

By Sonakshi Maheshwari

Stress free week at Irvington High School is supposed to take place the week after finals, which this year happens to be from January 28, 2013 till February 1, 2013. This week is highlighted in the planner exactly one week apart from “dead week” which is known as the surge of non-stop studying.

Stress free week is supposed to consist of five days of relaxation and minimal work, according to ASB. According to the description, tests should not be taking place, homework should be limited and student should feel an entirety of peacefulness.

Let’s take it back two weeks now. Dead week, which took place the week before finals from January 14, 2013 to January 18, 2013, was quite fitting of a name. During that week, students were seen in sweats sitting in the career center or library with their heads engulfed in a history or math textbook. Dead week was not only comprised of Finals cramming but also Ritmo Latino practice and SAT preparation, the SAT was the Saturday after finals. After 5 full days of panicking, crying and studying, finals finally approached. “The weekend after finals was quite relaxing.” said junior Shayaan Karimi, “I was glad to finally have down time after weeks of work but I don’t think it will last through the week.”

Eagerly looking forward to “stress free week” I came to school with high hopes. The struggle of grades finally off my shoulders, even if for a few days, was like a gift. When I entered school and went through my six classes, I was disappointed to realize that teachers still piled heaps of homework and the tests continued rolling in.

I think stress free week would benefit both teachers and students equally if such a thing existed. Students deserve a break from their usual workload and teachers deserve a break from grading. If students were given a week off to relax moderately I think they would feel a little more ready to try harder for the upcoming semester.

After witnessing both dead week and stress free week, I have come to a conclusion that although dead week does exist, stress free week means nothing to the staff and students of Irvington High School.