Temple Run 2 Review

Temple Run 2 has players running towards their phones

By Michelle Lang

On January 17th, “Temple Run 2”, the sequel to the vastly popular “Temple Run,” was released for iOS devices. A few days later, the game was released for Android on January 24th.

“Temple Run” has a very basic premise; the player is a temple raider who must flee from man-eating apes while avoiding various obstacles in his way. The game has simple controls, requiring finger swipes and device tilts to help speed the character down an endless path.

In “Temple Run 2,” the gameplay remains mostly unchanged. Besides a new type of pathway, which involves the player riding a cart through a mine while avoiding potential crashes, the same jumps and turn as “Temple Run” remain.

The biggest difference between Temple Run 2 and its original lies in how it looks. The graphics have radically improved. Everything looks sharper and more detailed, making the game extremely visually pleasing compared to its predecessor. Though these graphics are more fun to look at, however, they can be very distracting as well. They put too much of a strain on the eyes and require the player to really concentrate. This makes the player feel more pressured and stressed.

There are a few other minor differences; filling up the coin meter unleashes power-ups, a new level-up system exists and the three monkeys that used to chase the player have been replaced with a single gigantic ape. However, the fact remains that “Temple Run 2” is not much different from “Temple Run.” Fans of the first game will rejoice at the second; those who hated the first game will not like the second game any better.

Endless video games such as the “Temple Run” series can easily become tedious and boring. iOS and Android device users who are looking for a quick, commitment-free game that will pass short periods of time, however, will definitely enjoy this particular sequel.