A Bounty of Boots

Boots define comfort and style for the feet

By Rashi Saxena

1. Combat Boots- These boots became a popular style this season! For a rugged, relaxed, or even a semi-formal look, combat boots dress up any outfit. Available at most stores, remember to buy a pair for your wardrobe this year!






2. Fur Boots- Cold feet never need to face the cold again. While these boots cannot claim the “new” title, they certainly top the comfy and warm list. Available in many shades of browns, grays and blacks, these boots constitute a necessity for those cold winter days.






3. Knee-High Leather Boots- Add a stylish touch to any outfit with knee-high leather boots. These boots make everything look much more sophisticated. Pair these boots with a nice overcoat for a perfect formal look.






4. Ankle Boots- Ankle boots add a cute look to any outfit. Pair these suede or leather boots with jeans, leggings, skirts, or dresses. Versatility characterizes these boots, as they compliment almost any outfit!






PC: Rashi Saxena