Irvington Golf Team: 2013 MVAL CHAMPIONS

IHS Golf Team extends their historic championship streak

By Hugo Vera

The Irvington High School Golf Team has won its fifth straight MVAL title this spring. The Viking golfers played in two consecutive 18-hole tournaments on April 18 and 25, 2013 that would go on to decide which team was to win the league title. This season, Irvington went undefeated as the Vikings won all six of their golfing tournaments. The MVAL finals were held at the Sunol Valley Golf Course. It was there that all seven MVAL teams were playing, and Hayward’s Moreau Catholic Private School made their MVAL debut since recently joining the Mission Valley Athletic League. The Vikings then attempted to win a spot in the NCS finals, but only clinched a 4th Place spot (only 1st, 2nd, 3rd place teams go to NCS). Nonetheless, the Vikings are MVAL Champions yet again.

“I didn’t [at first] know what to expect from this team playing an individual sport, but it was great to finally have a winning team”, said senior and IHS golf captain Caleb Choi. Choi has been playing competitive golf for six years, and he has given four of them to Irvington. During the MVAL Finals, Choi was forced to play against fellow teammate and IHS sophomore Louie Chen for the individual first place title. Chen won.

“[This season] very well met my expectations. Last year, we won our fourth straight title, and now we have five in a row”.  Choi also mentioned that despite Coach Rick Mangan’s upcoming retirement and the Irvington golf team losing four seniors (including him) next year, he is still confident that there are more victories for the Viking golfers in the future.

Congratulations, Vikings.