To be or not to be a Gentleman?

New music video contradicts song title
By Melanie Doherty

On Saturday, April 13, PSY released his new music video “Gentleman” on YouTube. The video received 38 million views in the first 24 hours, beating “KONY 2012” for most views in one day. “Gentleman” has standard pop and dance beats that continue in same pattern throughout the song making it catchy, memorable and easy to dance to like his first world-wide hit “Gangnam Style”. However, compared to his first world-wide hit “Gangnam Style,” “Gentleman” is more of a simple paced party song with multiple outbursts of more positive and faster dance beats and techno sounds. Whereas, “Gangnam Style” consistently has upbeat party music the whole time with lots of loud lyrics and fast party beats.
Similar to his “Gangnam Style” music video, PSY does goofy things and messes around in public with his friends in multiple scenes. He also does a catchy dance during the chorus with a mob of people that is sure to get people dancing when they hear the song. However, some acts PSY performs in the video are not so gentleman-like and are rather inappropriate including multiple hip thrusts, making a woman fall off a treadmill, pressing all the buttons on an elevator when a man needs to use the restroom badly, pulling a woman’s chair away so she falls and much, much more.
If you ask me a gentleman should be opening doors for women and treating them respectfully. I guess nowadays in the pop culture world music and music videos do not need to make sense to become popular.