Kanika’s Arts&Krafts Center

By Kanika Priyadarshi

Organize your life with these simple and cute crafts, so you can be more productive.
1. Makeshift reminder board. Get a photo frame collage and put different colored paper, scrapbook paper, tissue paper, or wrapping paper in the frame in place of photos. Label each photo frame with the day of the week. You can write on the glass of each frame with a dry erase marker about important events/dates/etc.
2. Magnetic reminder board. Get a cookie sheet and cover it with fabric or scrapbook paper of your preference. Add any fabric borders if you want. Then punch two holes and put a sturdy ribbon through them, so the board can hang on the wall.
3. Board Magnets. To make magnets for the boards, you can get pieces of raw magnet from any arts and crafts store. Using superglue or hot glue, glue on pieces of fabric, scrapbook paper, buttons, pennies/coins, glitter, etc. on one side of the magnet to embellish it. You can get popsicle sticks and make designs on them with Elmer’s glue. Then paint the sticks over the glue with any color to get wood-carving effects. Box important papers/notes with these popsicle stick magnets
4. Holiday decoration and pencil holder. Get a 5-8 inch glass jar and use paint and glitter to decorate them. If you don’t like glitter, you can use tissue paper and cut it up in snowflakes or other designs and glue them on the jar. Another way to decorate the jar is by using the raised glue effect. You can also tie a ribbon on it as a finishing touch. Finally, place a candle or a tea light candle in the jar for a nice winter holiday glow in your room or house. When you go back to school, you can replace the candle in the jar with pencils and pens, making it a pencil holder.