Irvington High School Life Hacks

After four years of experience in the field, here are life hacks to the school we love

By Hugo Vera

1). Keep a roll of nickels in your locker at all times. More times than not, you will need to print something from the library or career center. Breaking a dollar bill at the librarian’s desk is only a time consuming hassle for you, the library staff, and those waiting in line. Spare yourself and bring change with you.

2). To all of the male readers out there, it’s time to use the middle urinal. We have all been there. You have two minutes until advisory and there’s a huge line for the urinals because despite there being five stalls, only three are being used out of a need for “private space.” By mustering the courage to use the “middle urinal” you are reducing the wait time for your fellow Vikings.

3). Could not find a date to the dance? No worries. Simply bring at least four other friends. Five is the magic number it takes to start a sufficient dance circle, which in this case is your “bubble of protection” against the couples. If you cannot bring four friends, unite with other third wheels and form your own circle. Remember to show true “Stag Swag.”

4). Start volunteering at non-profit organizations when you are still an underclassman. Doing so will provide invaluable service-learning experience and it will give you an idea of what you want to do in terms of The QUEST Project come senior year.

5). Expect the unexpected. Always keep semi-formal attire folded neatly in your locker in case you forget that you had to dress up for that certain 1920’s presentation, Socratic discussion, or any other event that demands a blazer.