ASB pulls off Awards Rally after Last Minute Changes

New Decorations filled the bug gym for last rally of the year

By Mariam Syeda-Quadri | Web Editor

1200 balloons and several hundred stars with a senior’s name written on each one to create a huge ‘2014’ lined the main gym to complement the aura of the last rally of the school year. On May 16th 2014, all Irvington Students gathered to honor the people who received Activity points, Department Awards, and Teacher of the Year award.

This year’s rally commissioner, Garrett Ramos had an unfortunate accident the day before the rally forcing ASB to change the introduction. Garrett was practicing the Charlton, a dance that required him to do the splits, and when he attempted the splits he dislocated his knee. “We weren’t able to do a lot of stuff that we wanted to do. We were going to have this cool little golf scene leading up to drumline.” said Garret Ramos, “But still being able to perform with my hurt leg was awesome. Also, none of the rallies would have been possible without my amazing rally commissioner Kris Lacson. She did all the dirty work behind the scenes.”

One of the more popular acts during this rally was drumline. “I thought that drumline was very creative by combining all the frozen songs.” said freshmen Elisheba Dhilpe, “It was interesting when they turned off the light and played their glowing instruments in the dark.”

At the end of the rally, Mr. Rodocker received the Teacher of the Year award. “I was very surprised and honored that I received the award,” said Mr. Rodocker. “There are many phenomenal teachers here at and I went home proud.”

A relatively new aspect to this years’ rally was the ice cream social. “The ice cream social is a fundraiser that we had this year and last year.” said ASB Ambassador Reena Patel, “It’s definitely something we are planning to continue.”

“I feel really good about next year. I think that the school loves my energy and that’s something that I can use to get the crowd going,” said next years rally commissioner, Rahul Kasar. “I would like to get some more cheers that the audience will like!”