Don’t forget your Common App Password

By Channing Whitaker | Staff Writer

Numerous high school seniors apply to out of state colleges using the Common App. When registering for an account, you have to create a password to log in. Students applying quite often forget their old passwords and have to create a new one multiple times.

Students often build a great friendship with Common App employees. The Common Application people are starting to put an end to the unapproved relationships that they are having with the applicants who forget their passwords.

Depending on the rank of your Common App friend, in an instant, he or she has the power to automatically deactivate your account at any time, if you keep bothering them.

If they do not deactivate your account though, an alternative that the person you are with could do is go behind your back by sending the information of how many times you forgot your Common App password to the colleges you plan to apply too. Therefore, it would definitely affect the decision of whether or not the colleges you applied too on the Common App should accept you because of your forgetfulness.

For instance, FUSD Class of 2014 graduate Joey Fax forgot his password multiple times, he got sucked into a great friendship with a Common App guest celebrity Chuck Norris. After becoming acquainted with Fax, Chuck Norris started to count how many times the hapless student forgot his password. Once the number of password resets reached a certain limit (500) his account became deactivated and he did not get to apply to his dream school, Ohio State University.

Students forget their Common App passwords so frequently that they often become subject to scheme like the one that befell Fax. Take care. You have been warned of the consequences of forgetting your Common App password.

You will have only so many opportunities to reset your Common App password.  Photo: Channing Whitaker
You will have only so many opportunities to reset your Common App password.
PC: Channing Whitaker