Sexy Pitches: Behind the Scenes

By Channing Whitaker | Staff Writer

Sexy Pitches is a senior-only acapella group run by Uma Lakshminarayan, Shefali Mathrani, and Mariah Diaz (she helped form the group but unfortunately had to move schools) this school year and has existed at Irvington since being starting by the seniors of the Class of 2011. This acapella group consists of ten girls and six guys. Despite the fact that they’ve been only working together for four months, everyone in the group feels comfortable around each other.

“So about 50 people auditioned for this acapella group at the end of last school year.” Lakshminarayan explained, “Shefali, Mariah, and I looked for people who were really comfortable and confident singing solos in their audition videos or live auditions because for such a small group, each person needs to be a leader.”

Sexy Pitches upcoming performances will be on January 10 for Dil Se, the interschool dance show. Also, the group on January 25 will be at the Golden State Warriors basketball game as they are performing the national anthem right before the game. To prepare for these events, Sexy Pitches is continuing to practice diligently during rehearsals.

One Sexy Pitches was held on December 14, at approximately 7 in the evening at Shefali Mathrani’s house. To begin the rehearsal, Uma and Shefali decided to run through the piece “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz for Dil Se, a song that the group has been working on this piece since the beginning of the year.

After preparing for their Dil Se performance, the group decided to switch gears and practice the National Anthem for an upcoming Golden State Warriors game. To have a little fun with the song, some of the singers took out their iPhones and made videos using Snapchat. Although rehearsals are serious most of the time, there are moments where the group members have fun. After going through the National Anthem, Sexy Pitches ended the rehearsal on a high note singing “I’m Yours” again.

All the singers love being part of Sexy Pitches and enjoy their time being a part of such a talented group, especially when going to a particular house for rehearsal.

As Ricky Liu stated, “I love being able to hang out with Uma at her house for rehearsals.”

After the rehearsal, Shefali Mathrani stated, “My favorite part about Sexy Pitches is seeing all the wonderful talent in our group and knowing that we work so hard to show off that talent in our music.”

Sexy Pitches taking a selfie as a group after their hard working rehearsal. PC: Ricky Liu
Sexy Pitches taking a selfie as a group after their hard working rehearsal.
PC: Ricky Liu